Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome welcome

Well, I have a blog now! So does...about 1 septillion others in this world.

So let me introduce myself.

I was born in Nov. 1989 in Japan. I was into cartoons since day 1, at least. Because I lived in Japan, I was primarily exposed to anime. Then one day, my folks moved to Tennessee for about a year and a half and while there, I discovered American comics and cartoons. I became hooked yada yada yada and now I want to be a cartoonist.

Technically, my first published cartoon was with a high-school newsletter, but my first, "official" publication was in late 2006 when a small Tennessee paper ran my comic panel. This deal lasted less than 6 months, but I was too psyched to care that this could've lasted longer if I didn't screw up.

I'll be off to college hopefully by the beginning of 2008. And you can bet your ass I'll have cartoons run in the student paper. Well, I'll post whenever I can.


Danny Burleson said...

Looks good, Charles, you've got some very interesting stuff on here already. Keep it up!

Jim Tierney said...

Working for the Student Paper is definitely the way to go. I did that myself a little bit. It was really a great education in cartooning, although I'll admit that I screwed it up. My suggestion would be to not make the same mistake I did... I focused solely on cartooning and trying to make better cartoons. I quickly lost my editorial spot to another cartoonist who outright defeated me on a political level, not in knowledge of politics, but just by hanging out in the press room and schmoozing the editors... You seem to already be more savvy on the business end than I was though, so you shouldn't have a problem (and your cartoons are better now than mine were.)