Monday, July 30, 2007

Back from the con...

Okay, so I'm back from the con.

Now I'm in Tennessee. However, the internet here isn't working, so I have to use a library computer. But let me list some highlights from the con:

Keith Knight (The K Chronicles) and Steve Notely (Bob the Angry Flower)
Both brilliant cartoonists whose work runs in alt-weeklies. Look them up. Bought books from them.

Blank Label Comics
Met Dave Kellett (Sheldon), Dave Willis (Shortpacked), Paul Taylor (Wapsi Square) and Brad Guigar (Evil Inc.). All were cool, and bought stuff from them.

Ted Rall
He was actually a very nice guy. I talked to him for about 30-minutes on the cartooning industry. He told me TWO secrets over at United Features that I won't reveal, but I will tell you that it is very awesome. I bought several books from him. He also told me a funny Doug Marlette story (apparently, he was kicked out from the AAEC)

National Cartoonist Society
Met Greg Evans (Luann), Jeff Keane (son of Bil Keane), Daryl Cagle (editorial cartoonist for and Andrew Feinstein (co-creator of s and Sports). I also met R.C. Harvey, who was selling his book on Milton Caniff.

So it was a blast. Once I get a working home computer, I'll go in-depth.

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Danny Burleson said...

Well now you've got me curious what the two secrets are! Thanks a lot! lol

Sounds like you had a blast, though, can't wait to hear more.