Friday, July 20, 2007

For your reading pleasure - AT THE ZÜ by Ron Ruelle

Cartoonist Ron Ruelle began Stoopid Zü in 1990, running in Knoxville News-Sentinel. It was later picked up for syndication, retitled as At the Zü.

At the Zü was syndicated by Creators Syndicate from 11/20/1995 to 6/20/1998. The strip was about a zoo run by Edsel (official title: Director of non-human resources). The strip featured a variety of animals, but the primary focus was Darwin the monkey.

Other characters were Evelyn (a feminist ostrich), Zed (the zebra), Miles (the polar bear), and a somewhat infinite number of penguins, necessary due to Miles' appetite for them. There was another character early in the strip's run: Carl the lion. According to the cartoonist, "he was too hard to draw, so he quit."

Even after the strip ceased syndication, it continued for a while as a webcomic, retitled once again as Darwin and Co., running weekly until 2/20/2000, when it was permanently retired.

Tho he's done with the strip, Ron Ruelle still draws on a freelance basis. He's currently an editorial cartoonist for Boulder County Business Report and now has a website showcasing his current work.

Many thanks to Mr. Ruelle for selling me At the Zü originals years ago. For that, I am grateful.

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