Saturday, July 14, 2007

For your reading pleasure - SYDNEY by Scott Stantis

Scott Stantis is one of my favorite cartoonists and also one of my biggest influences, so I felt that it was appropriate to showcase his lesser-known work.

Sydney ran for only a year (from 9/30/1985 to 9/21/1986) and was syndicated by United Features Syndicate (United would later distribute Scott's strip The Buckets, which is still being continued under Stantis's assistant Greg Cravens).

Sydney was a gag-a-day strip about a polar bear and the zoo he lived in. According to Stantis, he liked the characters, but when the strip began, he and his wife moved half-way across country to his new editorial cartooning job (at Arizona Republic, I believe) and was also becoming a father at the time. Being stressed through all that, he ended the strip.

In addition to Sydney and The Buckets, Stantis also worked on King Baloo by Bob Thaves (creator of Frank and Ernest), but he is better known for his politically-oriented Prickly City comic strip, which debuted in July 11, 2004.

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Jim Toler said...

I was on the United Media sales team that launched Sydney. It did well and I thought it was a great strip. I was saddened when it stopped. I still have the original sales kit. Thanks for posting.

Jim Toler
Washington Post