Monday, July 16, 2007

Newspapers will stick around

This is one of the strips I'm working on. It's still in the development stage and I'm not ready to show it in public, but I'm making an exception with this one.

I think this speaks for itself. One thing that always puzzles me are those 20-somethings always blabbering about how newspapers will go extinct and how they're happy about it for some reason (I guess to them, anything that came along before their birth = evil). Guys? Grow up. Newspapers will stick around.

Yes, I realize that the industry is a mess now (especially the comics section), but so what? Movie theaters was in a pickle in the '50s and radios did, too. And the people in charge knew that, so they made some changes and 50 years later, movies and radios continue to be profitable mediums. What makes you think newspapers will go under because of changing times?

And don't get me started on webcomics. Fortunately, Corey Pandolph pretty much summed up my frustrations with webcomics in his blog.
And I'm not a fan of Zippy the Pinhead, but Bill Griffith makes a good point here, too.


richardcthompson said...

Yeah! Shout it from the rooftops!

Scott Nickel said...

Nice work, Charles. Are you shopping the strip to syndicates?

Scott Nickel said...

Regarding your main point, I agree: newspapers will survive. Newspaper comics, on the other hand, I'm not so sure. You've read about the LA Daily News recently slashing their comic section, and other papers have made similar cuts. The papers HATE paying the syndicates for content, thus the rates are ridiculously low. And the real estate for comics is literally shrinking day by day.

I fear that newspaper comics are much like radio shows in the 1950s . The dramas and comedies that were such a huge part of radio slowly transitioned over to that upstart new medium, television. Sure, radio survived, but in a very different form. We could be looking at a similar situation for newspaper comics.

Not gloom and doom. Just a realistic view.

Charles Brubaker said...

Thanks for commenting, Scott.

No, not yet for syndication. I'm hoping to submit it to a local paper or something, though.

Charles Brubaker said...

As for syndicated contents, well, that's still unsure of. I do know, though, that newspapers prefer buying editorial cartoons from syndicates rather than hiring a staff cartoonist. So I think, from that logic, they'll survive one way or another.