Saturday, August 25, 2007

For your reading pleasure - RAMENHEAD by Paul Nowak

When people thinks about comic strips that are considered "weird," one might say Zippy the Pinhead. Or maybe even the Far Side. Hell, probably Arnold (comic strip by Kevin McCormick that ran 1983-88). However, these people more likely never heard of this strip. It's so odd, it didn't even run in the U.S. Instead, it ran in Japan. To be specific, an English-language newspaper in Japan.

That's the case with RamenHead.It was a comic strip created by Paul Nowak that ran in the Daily Yomiuri. Its weekly run began in 1993. The strip centered around RamenHead, a guy who literally had a bowl of Ramen for a head, adjusting to a new life in a foreign country. This more likely mirrored Nowak's experience as an American living in Japan.

Despite running for 5 years in an Japanese newspaper read by millions, it passed by their readers' raders. As a result, the strip is one of the most obscure in the comic strip history.

Nowak ended the strip when he returned to America in 1998. However, he did not leave cartooning behind. In 1999, he became an editorial cartoonist for the Cybercast News Service, a position he still holds today.

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