Sunday, February 10, 2008


I started a comic strip for the University of Tennessee at Martin's student paper, The Pacer, called "Baitu." Basically a gag comic about two rabbits, one male (the title character) and one female.

It's not the first time I was published (I did a comic panel for a small Tennessee newspaper for few months), but I like what I've done so far. Of course, like every other cartoonists who looks through their early works, I'll probably cringe when I look at these again years from now.

The strip comes out every Tuesday, so be sure to check back. Here are the first two strips.

Sorry that the images are small. I don't have a scanner and these pics came from the student paper's website.


Lucas Turnbloom said...

Baitu looks like it has enormous potential, Charles. Best of luck with it!

Chris Hardiman said...

Hi, Charles,
As the other young aspiring cartoonist at the Daily Cartoonist, I was excited to find out that you had started a comic strip for your college newspaper. As you know I am still in high school, and I am trying to convince my school's newspaper's editor to include a comic strip in the paper (which I write for already). But being a cartoonist for a college newspaper is bigger than that would's often a big step towards syndication or an editorial cartooning gig. So I congratulate you on this big step towards success.

Looking at "Baitu," I like what I see. The rabbits are drawn very well, and the writing is really good. The characters already seem to be clicking, with Baitu (assuming that he speaking in the last panel of the second strip) developing a strong personality from the start. It's not the world's best strip, but no one's work is in the beginning; at this point I think you should be very proud of "Baitu." I am impressed by these early efforts.

One thing really stuck out at me when I read them the first time, however: The strong "Prickly City" influence. As a regular reader of that strip, I thought that the influence was very obvious, from the dialogue pattern to the way that the characters are just walking around. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since I know you're a big fan of Stantis and his work, but just a thought.

I know that you lived in Japan for a while; I'm not sure whether "Baitu" is a Japanese word, but if so what does it mean?

So, "Baitu" will be running every Tuesday in The Pacer. However, since I don't attend UTM, I don't have access to it. I'd like to read it on a weekly basis, however. Is it available online somewhere? Will you be posting it here?

Overall I am impressed by "Baitu" and I wish you the best of luck with it. UTM is lucky to have you working at their paper.

Chris Hardiman

Brubaker said...

Thanks, Lucas and Chris!


"Baitu" is a Chinese word. It means "white rabbit." I didn't know that offhand. I basically looked through a list of what rabbits are known as in other countries and I liked Baitu, so it stuck.

I was mostly inspired by Howie Schneider's "Eek and Meek" with this strip, especially when the characters were mice. But I might have a little Stantis inspiration, too.

It's available on Pacer's website, but I'd prefer to post it here for easy reading.

Again, thanks.