Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bill Watterson's editorial cartoons

One of the little known facts about the reclusive cartoonist behind "Calvin and Hobbes" is that he used to be an editorial cartoonist. In addition to his 6-months stint at Cincinnati Post, he also drew for the Sun Newspapers chain.

Bill's editorial cartoons are hard to find, except for two posted here. However, fairly recently, blogger Matt Tauber is posting some of his editorials. It came from microfilm, but these are probably the best we have for now. See one here and here.


Lucas Turnbloom said...

I really miss Bill. I love that cartoon and I'm glad it was included in the C&H tomes. I wish someone would post an archive of his editorial material online. Dare to dream...

rodineisilveira said...

Hello, Charlie Brubaker!

Bill Watterson, before producing the well-succeded Calvin & Hobbes comic strip (1985-95), was involved with editorial cartoons, as this one who you featured here.
In my humble opinion, Bill shouldn't have ended Calvin & Hobbes. That comic strip is awesome!

Cheers from this pal who always writes 4 U,

Rodinei Campos da Silveira (from São Paulo, Brazil)