Monday, March 10, 2008

Plugging some stuff...

Hey readers. Since I'm getting visitors from my Asay interview below, I felt that now would be a good time to plug some awesome comic-related stuff.

The K Chronicles is one of the best comics published in the altie-press. Witty, subversive, and hilarious drawings, too. So I'm pleased to announce that there's a new book out: I Left My Arse in San Francisco.

There are many reasons to buy this book:

* - This book is NOT available in stores
* - Only 1,000 copies are printed (I got #157)
* - Keef will autograph your copy with no extra charge.

Oh, and he and his wife are havin' a baby. So go support them, huh? You can get it at this site.

Meanwhile, there's a new magazine devoted to cartooning. Stay Tooned, started by John Read, has been in the works for months now, and I finally got it today.

The goal is to fill the void left by Cartoonists PROfiles when its founder and editor, Jud Hurd, passed on years ago. I think John did a great job in the premier issue. Contains great interviews from cartoonists such as Steve Kelley, Marshall Ramsey, Scott Stantis and others. It also has columns on cartooning and comic strips from the likes of R.C. Harvey, Norm Feuti, and more. Go get your copy here.

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