Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Sundays

More scans of Sunday comics.

Ralph was a comic by Wayne Stayskal, an editorial cartoonist syndicated through Tribune Media Services (he was on staff at Tampa Tribune until his retirement).

Ralph was syndicated by King Features until early in the new millenium. You can see more samples here.

Here's an example of Nancy done by Jerry Scott, better known for Baby Blues and Zits. This is as good as the strip got (sorry, Bushmiller fans).

Walnut Cove was created by Mark Cullum, who was an editorial cartoonist for the Birmingham News until he quit (Scott Stantis is their current cartoonist). The strip ran 6/3/1991-1/2/2000.

Cullum initially drew the strip himself, but in 1994 he brought in John Marshall (the same one signing the Blondie strip) to do the artwork.

The Far Side by Gary Larson. Don't need to tell you much about this comic.

For the most part, the Sundays were basically reruns of two daily panels with color added. Once in a while, though, Larson would draw one big panel cartoon for Sunday release.

King Features syndicates Donald Duck Sunday comic strip to a very small number of newspapers (my paper, Commercial Appeal, was one of them until they dropped it years ago). KFS still distributes it, but because they don't post it online (probably due to Disney's strict copyright policy), it's very hard to find.

They also distribute a Mickey Mouse daily and Sunday strip, but that one is in even smaller number of papers.

If you don't know this strip, you need to come out of that rock.

If you want to see more strips, please say so in the comments section.

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