Friday, May 2, 2008

Project Wonderful

Decided to give this a try. If you have a comic you'd like to plug, go ahead and bid.


alexander matthews said...

I thinks your blog is great and some of the stuff you dig up is really interesting. Your good-natured enthusiasm for comics is really refreshing. It's an education for a daily strip addicted englishman like me. We have nothing like the volume of strips that you get in American papers.

Anyway, I've bid on Project Wonderful with my strip, King Monkey and I see the ad is already up.


Alexander Matthews

Brubaker said...

Hey thanks!

Your comic looks good, BTW.

alexander matthews said...

My comment should of course said 'I think'. 'I thinks' makes me sound like a moron!

And thanks for the compliment!

Geoff W. said...

I'm gonna be greedy and plug my own comic:


Its called Dez of The Dead, and its the only zombie tale based on a ture story!
Oh, and its pretty damn funny!