Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going through the pile

Over the years, I've been saving comics sections from various newspapers I've encountered. I've often traveled, so I came across papers from places such as Tennessee, California, Texas, and Michigan.

I've been doing this at least since the early 2000s, but I've started getting serious with them around 2006, when I really kept track of the papers.

Thanks to the local University library, I can get Sunday comics sections from 5 or 6 newspapers from various south-western states. And combined with older newspapers I've recieved in mail, I now have countless numbers of sections.

Anyway, today, I decided to write down ALL the papers I have; the name of the paper, the dates, the contents. I've never realized how much I've saved. You can get the idea from this photograph of my computer room.

The majority of the comics sections came from the Stars and Stripes newspaper; living in Japan, it was the only remotely "American" newspaper that I can get. The second greatest is probably Memphis Commercial Appeal and Jackson (TN) Sun, since that's where I live now.

I'm in the process of counting. I'll let you know how many sections I have.

Oh, and if you have any Sunday comics sections you want to get rid of, email me at and maybe we can work this out. Specifically interested in Sunday sections from 1970 and beyond that has obscure strips that's no longer around.

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