Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kelly & Duke Sundays

Continuing the discussion of the 1970s comic strip Kelly & Duke, here are some Sunday samples. See previous posts here and here.

I still have few more unscanned. I'll have them posted within few days.


buzz said...

Thanx for the uploads! When were these Sunday strips done? The art looks more finished and polished than the dailies I've seen elsewhere.

Brubaker said...

In the order of appearance


dddegg said...

Do you have the running dates for this strip?
I don't have a start date, but Dave Strickler has it starting in the L.A.Times on July 10, 1972. That may or may not be the actual debut date.
For an end date the closest I have is the third week of June 1980. With a positive run on June 15, 1980, which is the Sunday beginning that third week.

Brubaker said...

Can't say that I do. And I'm not sure of NY Daily News continued to run this 'til the very end.

If I find more info, I'll let you know.

godzylla said...

These are sweeet! Looking forward to the rest. I've never seen the Sunday strips, nor anything from the mid period. This seems to be the most commercial artwork of the series. The early days (as in What Is God's Area Code? were a little stiff and awkward, the latter days more astract (as the strips from78/79 on my website).

Thanks for getting these online. My research continues....