Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pearls Before Swine

While going through my copy of one of the Pearls books, I came across this drawing of Rat and Pig the creator, Stephan Pastis, gave to me. I think this was one of the first piece of artworks I've ever got from a cartoonist.

Years ago, Stephan allowed anyone who wanted a drawing to send him a SASE, where he would stuff the envelope with a drawing of the characters. I did just that and lo and behold, it came in the mail several months later.

However, I sent that SASE when the strip was still new. As the years went by, the strip became more and more popular; thus, Pastis started to recieve more and more requests. Eventually, he had to stop doing this.

Pastis doesn't sell or donate originals, so this is probably the only piece of Pearls artwork I'll ever own. I'm just grateful that I've sent that letter while I had a chance.

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