Saturday, September 13, 2008

That thing you used to draw...whatever happened to it?

Some of you (okay, only one) have asked me whatever happened to Baitu, the strip I drew for the first few months of this year.

He's on hold for now. I'm now doing two editorial cartoons a week for two newspapers, and combined with all the other stuff going on, I don't have time to do the strip.

I haven't abandoned the character, though. I'm in the process of retooling it. Chances are, when you start seeing the rabbit again, the strip will be very different than what was seen in that student paper.

Here's an example as proof that I've been doing something with the character.

(And yes, I gave Bonnie a species-change, from a rabbit into a human. Howie Schneider, eat your heart out)

Either way, Baitu will be back someday, in one form or another.

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