Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some links

Okay, just to post something on my blog, here are some links, all animation related.

Superjail: Dream Machine
Warden spies on the dreams of his inmates, and eventually his staff's, dreams in order to prevent a riot. However this ends up starting one instead.

Drinky Crow Show: Beer Goggles
The premier episode of a series based on an alt-weekly comic strip.

Chowder: Panini for President
This aired right after the election. Panini runs for president, wanting to make it legal for Chowder to be, um, her "property." Gorgonzola runs against her, using Chowder as his puppet. If only the real election was this funny.

The links will be dead within a week (the Chowder video will be gone on the 25th, though its available on iTunes for $1.99) so better watch it now.

EDIT: Links all expired, so it has been removed.

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