Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas aftermath

All in all, the Christmas was a bit disappointing this year. For one thing, we had a VERY un-Christmas like weather. Hell, it wasn't even COLD outside! To me, it just felt like another day...except that there were alot of Christmas specials on TV.

The gifts were interesting, though. Because my birthday and X-mas are only one month apart, I got gifts that are meant for both days (with the falling economy, I can understand).

I got plenty of DVDs this year, including the first two seasons of the underappreciated Duckman (from the people that made Rugrats, no less), Chowder, Vol. 1 (in case you can't tell by now, I LOVE that cat/bear/rabbit thing), the Giant 600 Cartoon Collection, AND a complete collection of the original George of the Jungle
series produced by Jay Ward (thanks to the Amazon gift card I got).

The books did not disappoint, too. I got the new Pearls Before Swine book, the first Cul de Sac collection, and a Big Top collection "Sawdust and Greasepaint"

All in all, I think I'm set for a while...until they put out more Duckman and Chowder on DVD.

See you in 2009!


Deniseletter said...

Hi Charles,Nifty Gifts! I receive a good book too.Could you post some captured images from your DVD's? like George of the Jungle and their jokes and...
Happy New Year 2009

joy said...

Hey happy new year to you all..accept my heartiest just suffering so want to greet and also share smthng bout TV shows as i am an nut of television..Chuck is my fave one!!! i do like animated shows also. the posts you hav given below,it's juss fab !!!

Craig D said...

Happy New Year, Charles. This post, plus your earlier one on Calvin & The Colonel is making me want to glom onto that 600 cartoon set. WAL*MART has it for $10, so I might just go for it this weekend.