Friday, January 30, 2009

Jules Feiffer in animation

Okay, I lied. Here's ANOTHER YouTube video.

It's another Terrytoons from the Deitch run, and one of the last ones produced, called Foofle's Train Ride (1959).

This one's notable because it has Jules Feiffer as an art designer on this short. He was in Village Voice by the time this was released, so I guess he left Terrytoons shortly after the production of this short.

It was directed by Dave Tendlar, who's previous experience was in Popeye cartoons at Paramount.

Keep in mind that this is a pan-and-scan version. The original was made in widescreen CinemaScope.

EDIT: I reuploaded the video with a better quality version.

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Dave Mackey said...

The voice of the train conductor is CBS staff announcer Bern Bennett, who was perhaps best known for introducing Bud Collyer each week on "Beat The Clock" and doing the opening and closing announce for the soap "The Young and the Restless".