Friday, January 23, 2009

Secret Side of Hank Ketcham

Little known fact: Before starting Dennis the Menace Hank Ketcham worked in animation. One of his contributions to the field was a character named Hook for a series of propaganda films produced for the Navy.

Only four are known to exist. One was made at Walter Lantz studio, with the remaining three from the Warner Bros' animation studio.

Here's one of the shorts, "Tokyo Woes", directed by Bob Clampett.


FilthyGrandeur said...

wow. barely 20 seconds in and already i'm offended. wow.

Jason Smith said...

It must suck to be so easily offended by history. Are you as easily offended when you see photos of the USS Arizona, burning and sinking?

Many Koreans (to this day) think Caucasians (like me) look like monkeys. I'm not offended by that. That's just the way it is. Historical context is everything.

Anonymous said...
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