Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clint Clobber

Clint Clobber was a character Deitch created for Terrytoons. The character was a superintendent of a rundown apartment in New York, having to deal with annoying tenants without losing his temper. He lasted seven shorts; that's more than what "Gaston Le Crayon" or "John Doormat" ever got (Sidney the Elephant only lasted two cartoons under Deitch's watch; however the character was continued without his involvement, appearing in theaters until the mid-sixties).

Here's one of my favorites: Camp Clobber. Dave Tendlar directed it, his only direction work for Clobber (the six others in the series was directed by Connie Rasinski)

Jim Tyer didn't animate in this one, so don't bother looking for his animation.

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