Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roland and Rattfink

Roland and Rattfink was a very obscure DePatie-Freleng theatrical series that was made for United Artists from 1968 to '71. It never got the level of fame that the Pink Panther, The Inspector, and The Ant & Aardvark got.

Which is a shame. The series' first two shorts (Hawks & Doves and Hurts & Flowers) are probably the best work the studio ever did.

Hawks and Doves was a satire on the Vietnam War situation, which was a big news at the time.

Hurts and Flowers was interesting in that there's no dialogue (except one towards the end). The short relies entirely on action to tell the story.

The series, unfortunately, didn't hold up after these two shorts. They wern't ALL bad, but it wasn't amazing or anything.

Here's one of the better later enteries, though.

Recently the entire series was put out on DVD as part of the 9-disc "Pink Panther and Friends" collection. In addition to this and the Panther, the set also contains the entire run of The Inspector and The Ant and the Aardvark. Get it from Amazon below. It's pretty cheap, considering how many discs are there.


Anonymous said...

There is the real life Roland and Rattfink: this Roland is Roland L. Scobee, hero, while Dennis Clark is Rattfink! Scobee is in heaven now and the people would have said, "The birds will always be with you."

granitoons said...

Still no way of viewing these shorts in the UK? This is probably my favourite of the more obscure DFE series and the fact that it's only available via a huge boxset kind of irks me. The bix-sets are pretty pricey considering I have most of the discs already.

A. Morrice