Monday, March 9, 2009

Brilliance in television animation: Wacky Delly (1996)

Opinions about anything are subjective. No one can't agree on what's the best book ever are. Same thing with what's the best film, song, etc. You probably don't agree with me on this very sentence.

But we all have ideas on what's the best thing ever are in our heads. It's no exception for me.

So what do I find to be the best cartoon to ever air on television? The answer may surprise you...well, maybe not. The "Wacky Delly" episode of Rocko's Modern Life.

Everything about the episode is perfect, from the behind the scenes look at the making of Rocko's show, the actual result of the film, and Ralph's attempts to sabotage the show. And the ending, of course.

In another words, this is a perfect satire on the television animation business. And it's actually pretty relevent today, too, in more ways than another.

So here's the episode for your viewing.

If only they release the entire Rocko series on DVD. (you reading this, Viacom?)


Rick Roberts said...

Wacky Delly was fucking hilarous. Especially the Wacky Delly cartoon itself, when I was kid I couldn't even breathe when I first saw it.

Rick Roberts said...

BTW, two things that Rocko should be credited for immensely:

1. The use of random fart sounds that are perfect everytime. I don't know how they do it, but they did.

2. Two voice actors who are usually very annoying, Charles Adler and Tom Kenny, sound not only tolorable but charasimatic as well.

Brubaker said...

Heffer was Tom Kenny's first major voice role. Who would've thought that he'd go on to do SpongeBob?