Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm #3!

I just found out that I've won 3rd place in AAEC's John Locher Memorial Award for my student editorial cartoons. I'll admit that this came as a surprise for me. I've stopped drawing editorials early this year (I was still drawing them when I submitted my cartoons for the award).

Despite that, it's a nice afterthought that my cartoons somehow sucked less than other enteries. I'm glad my short-stint in this field meant something for me.

And let me give a hearty congrats to Jake Thompson, who won the damn thing.

Above is one of the cartoons that I submitted for the award.


Anonymous said...

who was #2?

Brubaker said...

Don't know. It wasn't mentioned in the letter.

Chris Sobieniak said...

Being reminded of years ago having came in third for an editorial cartoon I submitted to my local newspaper for a contest they had about 15 years ago. Best I won was a Calvin & Hobbes 10th Annivesary book and another book on getting into the comic strip biz.