Friday, April 10, 2009

A post where I go anime. (Just this once, I swear)

I admit it, I have a thing for the really old anime shows. Specifically, the ones that are comedic in nature.

Even though most Americans don't associate anime with comedy, there were actually few gag-centric shows that aired in Japan. There were quite a few in the sixties and early seventies. Some were even cartoony (abiet with extremely limited animation).

Here's one example that I've come across. This was a black-and-white series produced by TMS Entertainment called "Chingo Muchabei" (珍豪ムチャ兵衛). There's actually a funny story about the show's broadcast: Even though this was not the last Japanese series to be made in black-and-white, it was the last one aired as that. What happened is that by the time the show was ready to broadcast in 1968, color has become dominate in Japanese television and there were very few open slots left for B&W shows. The show sat on the shelf for 3 years until it was finally broadcast in 1971. There were only 26 episodes, so it was burned through quick by airing it every weekday for 4 weeks.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Not a bad show at all! I wish we had more gag-centric anime made today though. It might peak my interest a little over what's getting made as usual.

Rick Roberts said...

Old anime was very fun and cartoony. I love the early years of Lupin the 3rd. Today's it's all shaking camera and depressing. I blame Akira.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I wouldn't necessarily blame Akira on what is done nowadays (I blame Evangelion or that personally). Digital technology has also took the punch away for what I liked of the days when these people just did what they like and not worry about time and money.