Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday comic books for sale

Remember when I posted samples of Norwich Bulletin Sunday Comic Books? Well, I've decided to part with them.

I have about 70 of them. If you want any of them, they're $1 each, plus $3 shipping (add $1 for each additional books you want to buy).

OR, you can buy ALL 70-something of them for only $40 (shipping included)!

The earliest is March 29, 1981 (which is vol. 1, no. 1) and the latest I can find is dated August 29, 1982, which is vol. 2, no. 35. I'm probably missing an issue or two here and there.

Let me know if interested and again, there are still comic strip books for sale. I'll slash the price in half if you buy any of them before July 1st.

Condition varies from issue to issue. The color registrations are WAY off in alot of these, but what do you expect from newspaper inserts?

Just sold out all of them.

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