Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hurts and Flowers

Thought I'd show this. This is a full-page ad for a DePatie-Freleng short "Hurts and Flowers", the second in the Roland and Rattfink series. It appeared on Variety on January 10, 1969.

This is very much a rarity. As far as I'm aware DFE never did an ad for any other shorts; there was a poster for "The Pink Phink", but otherwise that's it.

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Jerry Beck said...

That IS quite rare! The ad was clearly an attempt to sway Academy voters to consider HURTS AND FLOWERS for a Short Subject nomination. They must have qualified it for an Oscar in '68, considering the ad is appearing a few weeks before it's theatrical release (the rules were different back then). I'd also guess they were quite satisfied with the film - one of the few truly topical cartoons of the hippie era. Good find!