Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dame Oyaji

I've been thinking about this 1970s anime lately. "Dame Oyaji" (No Good Dad) was very mean-spirited, very badly-animated (even by Japan standards) and was just plain clunky. What's not to like about this show!?

Here's a clip

This was based on a comic running in Shonen Sunday. The anime only lasted 6 months but the comic lasted 12 whole years.


Anonymous said...

I saw a few pages of the original manga online. A LOT more violent than the anime. Also, the daughter was hot. The manga also might've had an incest joke because in the anime adaptation had a scene where the son was watching the daughter undress...and when the mother came to drag her away, the son wasn't impressed.....Also, they're are two episodes out of the 26 that have'nt seen the light of day online. One of them involved the birth of Takobo (the son)'s baby brother.

Brubaker said...

The brother's name was Ikataro and he came later in the manga's run. He more or less took the spotlight and became the main character.

The anime ended before he had a chance to shine, although the series finale involved his birth.

Anonymous said...

I've seen some episodes of Dame Oyaji online and i must say, even though i understand it, i don't know what they're saying. Can you at least give me some of the dialoges of what they're all saying (damesuke, onibaba, takobo, yukiko), please?