Friday, August 28, 2009

Why so bitter?

I've now come to an conclusion that animation blogs suck. I can't believe how bitter and angry things can get while discussing animation.*

Usually when I watch cartoons, bitter and angry are not what's usually in my mind (note that I said "usually"). I don't know why blogs about cartoons have to be that way. Even when you're critiquing something it's not in my mind.

This is why I only talk about cartoons I enjoy. There's enough bitterness in animation blogs already, even in this vast wasteland known as the "internet".

* - of course, when you're talking about WORKING in animation, now that's another story!

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chdr said...

My thoughts exactly.

I think a telling example of this is how Cartoon Brew made tons of posts on CN Real (Was that post with just a picture saying "Fail" really necessary? Ever?), but not a single one on some of CN's great animated content coming up or still airing.

They seem to care even less about CN's cartoons that the CN execs.