Wednesday, November 25, 2009

1960s Paramount cartoons

I just got a DVD full of Paramount cartoons from the 1960s via Jerry Beck. He's right, this was probably the most interesting era as far as Paramount cartoons go.

Here are some I uploaded. One of the series Paramount attempted was Honey Halfwitch, apparently "half wizard, half girl", according to the theme song (good luck trying to get that out of your head.).

Halfway through the series the character's design was changed. I'm not sure which one I like better. What do you think?

However, the biggest highlights of the DVD wern't actually made by Paramount; they only distributed it. These highlights are the Nudnik cartoons directed by Gene Deitch. For a late 1960s American animation, Nudnik was a rarity in that it was very heavy on slapstick. Technically the series wern't made in America at all; they were done in Czechoslovakia, which were contracted to Paramount via Bill Snyder's Rembrandt Films. Here's one of the shorts:


Chris Sig said...

reg; Honey Halfwitch, I found myself laughing at the second cartoon more than the first - it seemed less "cutesy" and more gag-packed in both style and story. While Honey does seem to resemble a "peanuts" character in her redesign, I rather like the set up here than the first short (although I did marvel the background paintings for the first Honey 'toon).

And as for Nudnik - this one had me laughing even harder. The silly, scrappy-looking animation was brilliant to watch with the equally mad storyline. Many thanks for unearthing these old treasuries :D

Dave Mackey said...

I see you have also put up "The Trip" - a personal favorite. Basically, it's Howard Beckerman's film and a good one it is.

Dudi said...

Man! Lovely cartoons :)

Since I'm obsessed with technical things, you said they were uploaded from a DVD, why does the sound has the “hiss” of (S-)VHS tapes quality & the bottom of the picture there is distortion, exactly as (S-)VHS?

Brubaker said...


Well, it wasn't a professionally-made DVD per say. The cartoons were encoded from a VHS source.

Ben said...

Nudnik looks like Paramounts
answer to the Pink Panther

Anonymous said...

Hi, Brubaker, You've also recently put up Throne for a loss, another Halfwitch Short, By any Question, Do you Have any Swifty and shorty cartoons Besides Fix that Clock, which is already up, If you have some, please Post them.

Yours sincerely, Asim.