Friday, November 27, 2009

More Paramount cartoons

Here are two more Paramount cartoons from the 1960s.

First up it's "The Trip" (1967). Shamus Culhane is listed as a director but it's really Howard Beckerman's film, considering that he not only wrote it, but animated the entire thing himself.

Here's another "Nudnik" cartoon, "Nudnik's Nudnickel" (1967). This one has story by Eli Bauer and Al Kouzel, whom Gene Deitch has collaborated with before on other projects. Bauer and Kouzel previously worked together on Terrytoons' "James Hound", doing story on all the shorts.

That's Deitch doing the voice of the bus driver.


Anonymous said...

"Nudnik's Nudnickel" also appears to be the Only Nudnik short to ever receive story credit..... Or Am I Wrong.

Got any more Nudnik Cartoons on the Jerry Beck DVD or is that All You Got.


Asim Ishak.

Brubaker said...

No, "Nudnik on the Beach" also has story credit (to Eli Bauer).

I don't have anymore Nudnik shorts. If I get more, I'll share them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Now i see it that Nudnik on the Beach also had story credit as well, Thanks for Correcting me. Oh, Remind me if you got more by Posting them on Youtube by Surprise.

Cheers, Asim Ishak.