Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cartoon Books for Sale

Yeah, I still have them. Price doesn't include shipping.

Email me if you want more info (shipping, quality, etc.)

The Wizard of Id #6: The Wizard's Back

Best Political Cartoons of the Year - 2008 (Daryl Cagle)
Dilbert: When Did Ignorance Become a Point of View
Bush Leaguers: Cartoonists Take on the White House
Get Fuzzy: Blueprint for Disaster
Get Fuzzy: Groovitude
The Far Side Gallery #1
The Koky Dailies (a collection of Koky comic strip from 1979-1981)
Mutts: Cats and Dogs
Our Mutts

$10 EACH
Sheldon: Pure Ducky Goodness (inscribed with sketch by author Dave Kellett)

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