Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I realize that I've been focusing almost exclusively on animation for the past few months or so on this blog. But no worries, I have not forgotten about comics. I still read them, in fact.

One of my habits is that I must collect every Sunday comics sections I come across. And where I live, I have opportunities to get many. No, I'm serious. Check out my collection.

There's probably hundreds of comics sections here. I began seriously collecting them in 2007 or '08, but there are also chunks from the past decade and also some from the mid-1990s.

These can come in handy, actually. Alot of these comics sections has short-lived and forgotten comic strips that few people remember. A comic strip time capsule, basically. Like I said, even today I still collect them.


Mr. Semaj said...

I had been collecting comics regularly between 2000 and 2007. I still have the final Peanuts Sunday strip among other buried treasures.

MJ said...

Ha,ha,ha. I have stacks of comics like this also. Fun for easy review back on the funnies.

Mario500 said...

After learning about the end of “Peanuts”, I started collecting Sunday newspaper cartoon sections on January 9th, 2000 and missed only three sections (excluding two when the newspaper did not include the section two weeks in a row) until 2009, when my family stopped getting the Sunday newspaper on a regular basis due to the Mobile Press-Register raising the price to $2.00 (it was $1.00 in 2000). The total number of Sunday cartoon sections in my collection is now 497 and my last section was from January 17th, 2010.

I have also collected certain newspaper cartoons from the rest of the week, including "Garfield" cartoons around the time of the cat's 25th birthday, re-prints of "B. C." after Johnny Hart's death, and "Kit 'n Carlyle", which I have regularly clipped from the newspaper since January 6th, 2006. My family once subscribed to the newspaper, resulting in a great collection of "Kit 'n Carlyle" cartoons, but stolen newspapers resulted in the end of our subscription.

Over the past ten years I noticed some big changes to the local Sunday cartoon section. The pictures were reduced over time to the point of negative reaction in a “Sound Off” column, resulting in making them slightly bigger, but not as big as in years past. In 2000, there were six pages worth of cartoons, but now there are only four pages. The size of the paper itself was reduced between 2007 and today.

Nowadays I would be happy to find any Sunday cartoon section, whether it’s from a relative, a workplace, or in a disposal unit. Sometimes I wish the Mobile Press-Register would allow me to have the Sunday cartoon section rather than the rest of the newspaper for a reduced price, but they probably don’t want to lose any potential money just because one reader been collecting one section over the past ten years.