Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dooley's World

Dooley's World is a short-lived comic strip that ran in the '70s. It was done by 'Jolly' Roger Bradfield, who mostly worked in children's book in his career, and syndicated through King Features. You can read more about it at Stripper's Guide.

Roger Bradfield has since then retired from books and does painting on the side now. He hasn't forgotten about the strip, though, and has a website where he sells originals of his strips.

I haven't bought original strip art in a while, but after finding that site, I decided what the hey. He sent me two, reproduced below.

Most strip art I have are from within the past few years, so comparing how cartoonists drew years ago to today is interesting. Back then, you had to actually send originals to the syndicate, where they would note any changes required onto the strip itself. Note the blue pencil markings the editor scribbled into the second strip. Also, in the last panel, the misspelling is corrected by getting a xacto knife to cut out the part of the word, slice off the unnecessary letter, then gluing it back into the sheet. Such requirements needed in the days before Photoshop even existed.

Also, the originals are HUGE. It's 18.5" long. In comparison, I draw "American Paradise" on letter size cardstock (I fit two 3 x 11" strips into one sheet).

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