Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dustcap Doormat

When Gene Deitch took over Terrytoons he introduced new characters to be shown in their theatrical line-up, which by now have switched to CinemaScope.

One such character was John Doormat. John was a typical henpecked husband that's been in some form of entertainment since the dawn of time. What made him stand out, though, was a psychological torture he endured, having no assertiveness in his body, especially to his wife. It's explored in one short, "Dustcap Doormat", released in 1958.

The short was directed by Al Kouzel. Jim Tyer animated the ending, which I thought was fun.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Short, Far Better than those Bland and Depressing and Horribly amateurishly designed UPA cartoons. Don't Get me wrong here, Gene Deitch did come from UPA, But his Terrytoons were much better and way more funnier and had much more bouncy and expressive Animation, I agree, I also Love the Jim Tyer animation at the end, I Though it was funny. It also appears that John Doormat and the Neighbor had been redesigned for this effort, before they used to look like modern madcap characters.

Thanks for posting this brubaker. Your Pal, Asim M.Ishak. P.S think you can upload more deitch-era terrytoons, if you can, please do so.

Brubaker said...

I uploaded a lot of Deitch Terrytoons on YouTube. Go here:

Anonymous said...

I Know Brubaker, But i Mean shorts Like Topsy TV and Clint Clobber's Cat. Do you have any of those, Just Wondering, Sorry to Bother Ya, You're Great, I'll Watch the ones you uploaded now.

Your Pal: Asim M.Ishak.

Brubaker said...

I don't have the two shorts you mentioned. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Either Way, This is a Great Cartoon, Boy Do i Feel sorry for Poor John Doormat, Always trying to stand up for his abusive wife but he never succeeds, & then there's His neighbour who always constantly tries to make a man out of John Doormat, but he then never gets any success making him tough and manly either, but the neighbour has already enough trouble being manly himself, as it appears that he too has an abusive wife as well, however, you also gotta feel sorry for the wives too! cause the end to it has a bit of role revesal, well almost. the jim tyre animation where his wife knocks his neighbour down has a very effective and bouncy quailty to it, which, again is something you will never ever find in a Cold, Badly Drawn, Stiff UPA cartoon, which is why i think deitch's terrytoons are a hellva lot better than the eyesoringly drawn Mr McGoo cartoons, which are about the most hideously animated cartoons in existence. This, on the, other hand has real animation.

James Tyer takes over at 4:42, i can identify his stuff thanks to you, but i can't identify the others but i can name a few, such as Mannie Davis, Ed Donnelly and bob kuhawara ( creator of the post deitch terrytoon Hashimoto).

Asim M. Ishak, Take Care.