Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Serious business


Chris Sig said...

How true! I mean, where would all our ideas start from? :)

Vincent Waller said...

Hi Mr.B
We send Steve all the stories and storyboards, and he sends notes if he sees something that he feels isn't consistent with his original vision of the show.
He does have a project coming up that he will be more involved with. But I can't elaborate just yet.

Brubaker said...

Thanks, Vince!

Anonymous said...

Brubaker, You Should Get a Job as a Storyboard Artist. Your Stuff is Just So Darn Expressive and Your Stories are AWESOME and they Are SOO FUNNY!
You're a One of a Kind man, Ol' Baker.

Asim. P.S if it's not too much trouble, can you upload Gaston is Here from your 16mm collection and Let me Know if you decide to upload the Deitch Terrytoons you haven't posted yet!, That Would Be GRRREAT! .