Friday, June 4, 2010

16mm WANTS

The following is my wanted cartoons on 16mm. Anyone who has any of the titles listed and willing to part with it (or otherwise have a lead to where) please feel free to email me.

Generally the print must be in decent condition. I'm wary of red Eastman prints, but I may make an exception depending on the rarity (ie: some of the more obscure DePatie-Freleng shorts).

Last updated November 16, 2012.

Calvin and the Colonel (1961-62 TV series)
The Television Job
The Polka Dot Bandit
Thanksgiving Dinner
The Costume Ball
Sycamore Lodge
Money in the Closet
Calvin Gets Psychoanalyzed
Wheeling and Dealing
The Wreaking Crew
The Colonel's Old Flame
Sister Sue and the Police Captain
Jim Dandy Cleaners
Sister Sue's Sweetheart
The Winning Number
Calvin's Glamour Girl
Colonel Out-Foxes Himself
Nephew Newton's Fortune
Calvin's Tax Problem
Women's Club Picnic
Magazine Romance
Ring Reward
The Carnappers
Colonel Traps a Thief
Back to Nashville

Terrytoons (only if IB 'Scope)
Gag Buster
Topsy TV (John Doormat)
Gaston Is Here (Gaston Le Crayon) (better print)
Shove Thy Neighbor (John Doormat)
Clint Clobber's Cat (Clint Clobber)
Springtime For Clobber (Clint Clobber) (better print)
It's A Living
Gaston's Baby (Gaston Le Crayon)
The Juggler Of Our Lady
Gaston Go Home (Gaston Le Crayon)
Camp Clobber (Clint Clobber)
Old Mother Clobber (better print)
Gaston's Easel Life (Gaston Le Crayon)
A Tale of a Dog
Another Day, Another Doormat (John Doormat)
The Flamboyant Arms (Clint Clobber)
Foofle's Train Ride
Gaston's Mama Lisa (Gaston Le Crayon)
The Fabulous Firework Family

Most "Pink Panther" and "Inspector" entries
The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation (good print)
Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle (Ant & Aardvark)
Hasty But Tasty (Ant & Aardvark)
I've Got Ants in My Plans (Ant & Aardvark)
Isle of Caprice (Ant & Aardvark)
Mumbo Jumbo (Ant & Aardvark)
Never Bug an Ant (Ant & Aardvark)
Scratch a Tiger (Ant & Aardvark)
Ants in the Pantry (Ant & Aardvark)
Odd Ant Out (Ant & Aardvark)
Rough Brunch (Ant & Aardvark)
Technology Phooey (Ant & Aardvark)
The Ant and the Aardvark (debut short)
The Ant from Uncle (Ant & Aardvark)
The Froze Nose Knows (Ant & Aardvark)
A Fink in the Rink (Roland & Rattfink)
A Pair of Sneakers (Roland & Rattfink)
A Taste of Money (Roland & Rattfink)
Bridgework (Roland & Rattfink)
Cattle Battle (Roland & Rattfink)
Flying Feet (Roland & Rattfink)
Gem Dandy (Roland & Rattfink)
Hawks and Doves (Roland & Rattfink)
Hurts and Flowers (Roland & Rattfink)
Say Cheese, Please (Roland & Rattfink)
Sweet and Sourdough (Roland & Rattfink)
The Deadwood Thunderball (Roland & Rattfink)
The Foul Kin (Roland & Rattfink)
Trick or Retreat (Roland & Rattfink)
War and Pieces (Roland & Rattfink)
Croakus Pocus (Tijuana Toads)
The Fastest Tongue in the West (Tijuana Toads)
Tijuana Toads (debut short)
Aches and Snakes (Blue Racer)
Blue Aces Wild (Blue Racer)
Blue Racer Blues (Blue Racer)
Camera Bug (Blue Racer)
Fowl Play (Blue Racer)
Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow (Blue Racer)
Killarney Blarney (Blue Racer)
Nippon Tuck (Blue Racer)
Hiss and Hers (Blue Racer)
Little Boa Peep (Blue Racer)
Love and Hisses (Blue Racer)
Punch and Judo (Blue Racer)
Snake Preview (Blue Racer)
Support Your Local Serpent (Blue Racer)
The Boa Friend (Blue Racer)
Wham and Eggs (Blue Racer)
Yokahama Mamma (Blue Racer)
A Self Winding Sidewinder (Hoot Kloot)
Stirrups and Hiccups (Hoot Kloot)
Phony Express (Hoot Kloot)
Giddy Up Woe (Hoot Kloot)
Gold Struck (Hoot Kloot)
As the Tumbleweeds Turn (Hoot Kloot)
Big Beef at O.K. Corral (Hoot Kloot)
By Hoot or By Crook (Hoot Kloot)
Strange on the Range (Hoot Kloot)
Mesa Trouble (Hoot Kloot)
Saddle Soap Opera (Hoot Kloot)
The Dogfather (debut short)
The Goose That Laid a Golden Egg (Dogfather)
Heist and Seek (Dogfather)
The Big House Ain't a Home (Dogfather)
Mother Dogfather (Dogfather)
Bows and Errors (Dogfather)
Deviled Eggs (Dogfather)
Watch the Birdie (Dogfather)
M-O-N-E-Y Spells Love (Dogfather)
Rock-A-Bye Maybe (Dogfather)
Eagle Beagles (Dogfather)
From Nags to Riches (Dogfather)
Goldilox & the Three Hoods (Dogfather)
Rock Hounds (Dogfather)

Chew Chew Baby
Top Cat (uncut)
Cool Cat Blues
The Plot Sickens
Panhandling On Madison Avenue (Swifty & Shorty)
Fizzicle Fizzle (Swifty & Shorty)
Sailing Zero (Swifty & Shorty)
Fix That Clock (Swifty & Shorty)
The Once-Over (Swifty & Shorty)
Service With A Smile (Swifty & Shorty)
Call Me A Taxi (Swifty & Shorty)
Highway Slobbery (Swifty & Shorty)
Accidents Will Happen (Swifty & Shorty)
Homer On The Range
Horning In
A Hair-Raising Tale
Cagey Business
The Story Of George Washington
A Leak In The Dike
Inferior Decorator (Swifty & Shorty)
Solitary Refinement
Ocean Bruise (Swifty & Shorty)
The Outside Dope
Getting Ahead (Swifty & Shorty)
Sick Transit
Poor Little Witch Girl (Honey Halfwitch)
The Itch
Inferior Decorator
Ocean Bruise
Shoeflies (Honey Halfwitch)
Getting Ahead
Op Pop Wham And Bop
Baggin' The Dragon (Honey Halfwitch)
From Nags To Witches (Honey Halfwitch)
Trick Or Cheat (Honey Halfwitch)
The Rocket Racket (Honey Halfwitch)
The Defiant Giant (Honey Halfwitch)
Potions And Notions (Honey Halfwitch)
A Wedding Knight
The Space Squid
Think or Sink
The Trip
Here's Nudnik (Gene Deitch)
Drive On, Nudnik (Gene Deitch)
Nudnik On A Shoestring (Gene Deitch)
Welcome Nudnik (Gene Deitch)
Nudnik On The Roof (Gene Deitch)
From Nudnik With Love (Gene Deitch)
Who Needs Nudnik?? (Gene Deitch)
Nudnik On The Beach (Gene Deitch)
Good Neighbor Nudnik (Gene Deitch)
Nudnik's Nudnickel (Gene Deitch)
I Remember Nudnik (Gene Deitch)
Halt, Who Grows There?
From Orbit To Obit
Brother Bat (Honey Halfwitch)
The Opera Caper
Keep The Cool, Baby
The Fuz (Ralph Bakshi)
The Mini-Squirts (Ralph Bakshi)
Mouse Trek (Ralph Bakshi)

National Film Board of Canada
The Cat Came Back
John Law and the Mississippi Bubble
The Cruise
The Family That Dwelt Apart