Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Squaw-Path (1967)

When Shamus Culhane took over Paramount's animation studio he tried out a bunch of new characters, none of which went anywhere. Among those are Sir Blur (basically Mr. Magoo in medieval setting), Hard Hat with Fall Guy (appeared in Halt Who Grows There? and A Bridge Grows In Brooklyn), and Roscoe and Buddy-Boy (from Think or Sink and Forget Me Nuts)

Another one of those characters is Geronimo. He was an Indian character paired with his son, Little Feather. They didn't make the cut, too, and only appeared in two shorts: Geronimo and Son (1966) and The Squaw-Path (1967). Below is the second and last short in its entirety.

Not the strongest from this era, but it's rare, and that's good enough for me.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, The Lip Syncing in this One is Really Poor, Check out 2:17 to 2:22 and you'll see what i mean, or they were using a rather splicy print for the source of the telcine for jerry beck's bootlegged dvds consisting of extremely rare 1960s Paramount shorts for Serious collectors, Or was it just an animation error, Never Mind that, Howard Beckerman has some good and pretty funny character drawings here that remind me of roger ramjet (the lady of this cartoon, in particular.) and the backgrounds are very colorful and well done, But The Animation here (credited to Al Eugster and Nick Tafuri) is Still Very Cheap and Lazy and dosen't appear to do much justice to Howard Beckerman's work (His animation on the Trip and The Plumber had WAYY More Effort to it and Had Life and Moved much Faster and Better than here) and i like the opening titles and the paramount cards in this film, they look very specific in each cartoon in this era and brilliantly colored in this cartoon, this was an awesome era for Famous studios since the war days (1942-1945) and don't get me started on those Crappy, Bland, Hideously animated, Sloppily and Amateurishly Drawn and Overwhelming (just IMO) Casper, Herman and Katnip, Little Audrey, Buzzy and those Disgusting Baby Huey cartoons or those Horrid (with the Huge Exception of Irv Spector and Eddie Lawrence, whom at LEAST put a bit Effort into their films) Seymour Knietel Modern Madcaps from the late-50s- early 1960s (the Ultimate Cheap animated and Amateurish Drawn and Eyesoreingly Bad of those Has Got to Be Zippy Zepyhr who appeared in Robot Rival [as for Mike Kazaleh on cartoonbrew for the Last screen song post saying that by the late 1950s-early 1960s Morey Reden had become Paramount's Laziest animator, Here, After Seeing Robot Rival, I Consider Morey Reden to Be Paramount's WORST animator and did not animate as well along with Nick Tafuri whose animation of Casper in the 1950s was Horrible, watch the end of Fright from Wrong were he said that mean pill was to teach him a lesson and you'll see what i mean] and I Think appeared in one more, And So Tibet [seeing that Marty Taras animating that one is pretty sad, though i haven't seen that one yet].
GRRREAT (Tony Tiger style) Upload, Baker and I Hope You'll Upload More of these Rare Cartoons.
Yours Truly, Asim