Sunday, June 20, 2010

Terrytoons part 2

Since I posted it on Facebook and Dave Mackey mentioned it...

I also have a 16mm print of "Gaston is Here" (1957). However, the print is very splicy and a good bulk of the credits was hacked away by whoever owned it previously.

That said, what was left was interesting. After Bill Weiss's credit appeared, signatures of every other Terrytoons staff members appeared. Before Gene Deitch came only three people received screen credit in this order: Story (John Foster before 1950, Tom Morrison after that), Director, and Music (always Phil Scheib). But here, EVERYONE's name appeared, even if it was for only a few seconds and in really tiny letters.

Here are some of the signatures I was able to read. I identified their staff position if known (thanks to Deitch's autobiography), but others I'm unclear. And yes, the odds are alot of the spellings are incorrect.

With that said...

Ralph Bakshi (at the time cel painter)
Vinny Bell (animator)
Bill Benulis (later comic book cartoonist)
Doug Moye (cameraman and occasional voice actor)
Donna Hallam
Arnie Levey (assistant animator)
Joan M. Gaiagher
Sal Greco (film editor)
Dave Ubinas (later designer for Paramount)
Cosmo Anzilotti (ink & paint, later animator)
Mark Brennan
Jack MacConnell (film editor)
Frank Lilegren
George Davis (camera)
Ralph Rossburg (cel painter)
Bill Focht (BG artist)
Eli Wolfson (film editor)
Ava M. Tasadfoey (checker)
Robert Corelli (film editor)
Walt Gleason (prod. supervisor)
Mary Taracka (assistant animator)
Peggy Breese (animator)
Conrad J. Rasinski (aka Connie Rasinski, the short's director)
Hope Chagarls
Larry Esposito
Arthur Baker
Charlotte Livingston
Eli Kealey
Connie Higgins (ink and paint)
Andrea Ambrose (ink and paint)
Terry Guadagno (ink and paint)
Douglas "Doug" Crane (cel painter)


Chris Sig said...

John Foster? hmmmm...I wonder if he has any relation to Warren Foster...?

Otherwise, really good posts so far on these rare finds :)

Anonymous said...

Can You Post the Rest of the Titles of Gaston Is Here, Even if it's one Poor dupe of the Cinemascope version you have right now? So I Can see what the rest looked like originally.

Brubaker said...

That's the problem, the rest of the title is NOT there.

The print starts with the animators credit, then director, supervising director (Deitch) and producer (Weiss) credits.

Those are pretty identical to the ones I put up (obviously the names listed are different)

Anonymous said...

Oh, It's Like the Dustcap Doormat titles you posted previously, Right down to the exact same lettering, Only RED, Prehaps?

Brubaker said...

Pretty much. Even the music's the same.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Speaking of title music, from your Dustcap Print can you record at least the original title music and update your previous post to include the audio, Im just curious to hear it!

Brubaker said...

See the blogpost. Music's been added.

Anonymous said...

Never Mind the Titles, Baker, This Is Gaston Le Crayon's first appearance and i was wondering, Does Gaston in this cartoon have an Extremely Different design or does he have the same purple design from Gaston's Baby and Gaston Go Home.

Brubaker said...

The purple design.

Anonymous said...

The gruff voice you hear from Doug Moye in cartoon characters like Papa Bear was similar to his actual voice. He was a very caring person, and a pioneer for African Americans in the voice-over field from the late 1940s until the early 1960s.