Friday, July 16, 2010

Clint Clobber's Cat

Jerry Beck gave me a DVD full of Terrytoons shorts when we met in LA last week. Among those included was this short.

"Clint Clobber's Cat" (1957) was the first of the seven Clint Clobber shorts released by 20th Century Fox in CinemaScope.

The designs are very stylized. Many people often compare the Deitch-era Terrytoons to UPA shorts. I think what makes these different from them, though, is that the animation is otherwise done in traditional fashion from the early fifties (even if the lower budget forced them to economize). Jim Tyer does some of the animation in this short and it's just as broad and cartoony as in Terry cartoons animated just a year before.

With the exception of Jim Tyer himself, most veteran Terrytoons animators had a difficult time adjusting to the new designs; the film's director, Connie Rasinski, was one of the more vocal opponents of the new style and resented having to direct them. You can see it in the animation itself starting at 2:50. Clint is drawn like an old-school Terry character in that shot and is animated as such.

Doug Moye does Clint's voice (Allen Swift takes over in subsequent cartoons). Lionel Wilson voices the old lady and the radio announcer.

As usual, this is a TV pan-and-scan print.


Anonymous said...

Hey Baker, I see you've also posted Shove Thy Neigbour with Original Titles, I've Never Seen the Film Like That Before and the colors look way better too and looks more cleaner! Thanks! Aside from Shove Thy Neighbour, Got a Few Terrytoons with original Titles on DVD? Let Me Know - Asim.

P.S I've Got 2 requests, Can You post Gaston is Here and Topsy TV.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful cartoon, Brubaker. Thanks for posting it. Any cartoon with Jim Tyer's animation is certainly worth watching. Have you seen Friz Freleng's "The Pygmy Hunt" over at MGM? I think Tyer animated on that cartoon, but I'm not exactly sure.

CBS or whoever owns these Terrytoons really needs to properly release them on DVD. Seriously

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Your Right, and if they finally after so many years to release these cinemascope terrytoons not only should they all have their orignal titles (i'm dying to see the original titles to this film, i wonder if it's exactly like the doormat titles with the same music) but they should be inculded in their original widescreen status, it's bad enough that the only copies of the deitch terrytoons (soo much better than the previous paul terry era, and so much funnier than heckle and jeckle and don't get me started on the ugly hydra known as Bill Weiss.) let alone any on youtube, but at least it's good to see them thanks to you Baker - Asim.

P.S Did You Know that in the final paul terry season 1954-1955 that Terrytoons Switched to CinemaScope long before Gene Deitch was brought in, and also if you look at Shorts like Lucky Dog and Daddy's Little Darling is that you can see a good hint of Gene Deitch's Stylized Infulence (The Owner in Lucky Dog looks like a UPA type charcter, while the Backgrounds in Daddy's Little Darling is very stylized and look like a precusor of what was to come much later.