Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Bridge Grows in Brooklyn

Alot of the Paramount cartoons made under Culhane reflected the 1960s counter-culture movement in some ways. To give an example, one of the Honey Halfwitch cartoons made under his reign featured Honey and Cousin Maggie having to disguise themselves as humans so they can go to the city and have their magic broom repaired. They do so by dressing up as hippies!

Then there's this: A Bridge Grows in Brooklyn (1967). A construction worker that keeps getting distracted by a flower and falls in love with it? Yep, it's a 1960s cartoon alright.

And it's one of my favorites.

It was directed by Chuck Harriton, who has his own directorial quirks. Cartoons by him tend to have faster-pacing, giving energy to the otherwise limited animation. Doug Crane and Nick Tafuri did a wonderful job animating under his direction.

Sorry about the video quality. This was captured from my 16mm print being projected on the wall.


Jerry Beck said...

Hardhat and Fall Guy were introduced in HALT WHO GROWS THERE (1967), a cartoon accidentally not included in the package of Paramount shorts shown on Nickelodeon in the 1990s. I've seen the cartoon, so I know it exists. Howard Beckerman designed the characters. If you ever find a print, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Would You Do the Exact Same thing with Your Acquired Cinemascope terrytoons prints like you did here?
The Video Quality is Fine Anyway and Actually Great for something captured from a digital camera. Asim.