Thursday, September 23, 2010

Honey Halfwitch

I have a soft spot for the Honey Halfwitch cartoons. The main character is bland and a strong reminiscent of the 1940s kiddy cartoon characters with limited 1960s animation. On the other hand they did have Stanley the Sorcerer, probably the only character in the series with actual personality. The later re-imagining by Chuck Harriton and Shamus Culhane (with the new design by Howard Beckerman) are actually pretty funny.

Before and After

Not surprising, considering Howard Post's background in comic books, Honey Halfwitch feels like it was originally written for Harvey Comics. I'm surprised they didn't buy the rights like they did with all the other Famous Studios characters.

From Nags to Witches (1966)

Trick or Cheat (1966)

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Let's See, The Design on the Left Is Very Crude Looking and Ugly and Also Very Generic, It's Basically Lucreita from The Harvey Little Audrey Comics With Slight Variation, The One on the Right Is Very Simple and Bears a Huge Resemblance to What Johnny Hart or Mort Walker Would Draw, But I Think It Looks Way More Appealing than the Other One. And What's Interesting about Howard Beckerman's Animation into the Culhane era is That It's Very Slick, Fluid and Very Polished , In Beckerman's Scenes The Charcters Seem to Move a Lot more than the Other Paramount Animator Scenes at the time, Even Moreso Than Martin Taras, Good Post, Brubaker.