Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One more can't hurt

Since I've been asked about it...

Here's the Honey Halfwitch pilot Poor Little Witch Girl, released in 1965 as part of the Modern Madcap series. Not much difference from this short and the subsequent cartoons that followed. The only major changes are the character being known as just "Halfwitch", as well as her British accent which they thankfully got rid of.

One animation quirk I've noticed in many Howard Post-directed Halfwitch shorts is that whenever the characters bob their head up and down they don't actually animate them doing that; they just simply tilt the still drawing under the camera. An extreme cost-cutting move if I've ever seen one. On the other hand I do like how Cousin Maggie blinks one eye at a time.

Some of the traits from this short continued into Shoeflies, the first of the actual Honey Halfwitch series, which includes Honey's British accent, Cousin Maggie's one-eye-at-a-time blink, and also the character still being called "Halfwitch" despite the series finally getting a name. Note that some of the animation from Poor Little Witch Girl is reused here with new dialogue.

According to the copyright database the song is "I'm Polishing My Shoes" by Howard Post (words) and Winston Sharples (music) and its copyrighted to Famous Music Corporation.


Anonymous said...

Those Cost Cutting Animation traits you described, Brubaker, Are Al Eugster's Animation Traits in this era. Asim.

Anonymous said...

Me, Again, Say Brubaker Will You Upload A Friend in Tweed and Hip Hip Ole Projected on the Wall, Please. Asim

Brubaker said...

I may eventually. There are some other films I want to capture first.

Anonymous said...

OK, Well, Keep in Touch


Anonymous said...

Hi, It's Me Again, Any Paramount cartoon uploads yet?, Still Waiting and Checking. Thanks! Asim.

P.S Some More Requests:
Horning In.
Solitary Refinement (Boobie Baboon, Im Curious to see what he looks like IMO)
Inferior Decorator (swifty and shorty)
Op, Pop Wham and Bop
A Balmy Knight (the First Cartoon with Sir Blur)
Geronimo and Son
Outside Dope
Giddy Gadgets (Projected from the Wall)
High But Not Dry (Projected from the Wall)
Friend in Tweed and Hip Hip Ole (Projected from the wall).

Trying Not To Be Demanding Here, You're a Very Busy Man, But Right now im watching Shoeflies, Here My Opinion on it: Oh My God, after Sequence where Honey Halfwitch threatens teeny meany into a toad and she then talks back by telling cousin maggie, Halfwitch ends up crying and then we see a few sequences lifted from her very first cartoon, aside from that, Al Eugster's animation in this cartoon is very crappy, It Looks and Moves like Bad Cutout Animation and Is very choppy looking and during scenes where the characters tilt their heads, he doesn't really animate it at all! instead he just tilts the Still drawing under the camera, UGH! I've Heard Mike Kazleah once said about Morey Reden being Paramount's Laziest animator, when in fact, Al Eugster Holds that Title as evidenced on the screen.

Anonymous said...

they deleted the the pilot of Poor Little Witch Girl on youtube before i could save it on my pc. where can i get this? yours looked so good and i loved the bat freddy

Brubaker said...

Alot of Paramount cartoons I uploaded (as well as more) are over at Daily Motion now