Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Aches and Snakes (1973) and Lucky Lydia (1999)

I talked about DePatie-Freleng and outsourcing a while back, so you can just go there for more info, but to recap DFE subcontracted several theatrical Blue Racers and Hoot Kloots to overseas studios, mostly in Spain. I already linked to Little Boa Peep, so here's the other BR short done overseas.

Aches and Snakes was animated in Australia at the Filmgraphics Studio. David Denneen (misspelled in the credits as "Deneen"), the animator who founded the studio, directed it. Sometime back I contacted Mr. Denneen and asked questions about the short. Admittingly he remembered very little about it, but according to him he was contacted by David DePatie with the deal of doing some animation at his Australian studio.

The BR short was basically a test, and if successful they would subcontract several Pink Panther shorts to him. Unfortunately for him the heads in charge did not like the results and cut off all ties after this one cartoon.

The animation here is not as ugly as in Bob Balser's entry but it's just as crude. And I'm personally very perplexed by the backgrounds here, done by Richard Zaloudek (credited as "Roman Hans"). Zaloudek did many backgrounds on Hanna-Barbera cartoons outsourced to the southern hemisphere and it does not look as odd as what's seen in this cartoon.

The embed below is a Croatian dub. You can see the English version here.

As far as I know that was the last time Filmgraphics did any work for American studios...until 26 years later, when they got involved in Bob Camp and Art Filloy's pilot, Lucky Lydia. Camp and Filloy are both Ren & Stimpy alums (Filloy directed his episodes in Australia at Mr. Big Cartoons) and they teamed up to do this pilot. They both directed, with the animation being done at Filmgraphics, where Filloy was working at the time. It's not a great cartoon, but the animation is very well done, especially for a made-for-TV cartoon (by comparison, the BR cartoon above was theatrical).

Cartoon Network passed it on but they did air it (along with other failed pilots) as part of the Cartoon Cartoon Show. You can watch it below.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, I Love that Lucky Lydia Pilot, It's Not only the Animation and Colors i Like, But Lydia's Design Looks Beautiful and Well Done, and A Huge Influence on Me, and Whaddya Know?, Im A Cartoonist Too and also An Artist that Loves to Draw, Thanks for Sharing, Brubaker, I Don't Really Care for the Blue racer Short at all. Asim