Thursday, November 18, 2010

United Artists

Transamerica Corporation, an insurance company, purchased United Artists in 1967. Any UA releases afterward had a version of this title.

Just about anything UA released had this title, including the DePatie-Freleng cartoons. Any DFE cartoons released to theatres after 1967 (or '68) had this title appear before the credits. They were still present when they were syndicated to television until 1981 when Transamerica sold United Artists to MGM. The logo was replaced with a "spinning UA" logo and that got spliced into the 16mm negatives for the cartoons that was still available for syndication.

It's relatively hard to find a 16mm print of a DFE cartoon with this logo intact (it's either the spinning UA logo or the logo is spliced out altogether), although I did find a few over the years.


Mr. Cro said...

Hi, I'm from Croatia. Our state channel HRT still has the old negatives of the DFE cartoons they acquired in the '70s. Here's "The Froggy Froggy Duo":
Anyway, you can download all Tijuana Toads episodes (Croatian-dubbed) with that logo from this site if you want:
BTW, notice that the UA logo is off-sync on every cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brubaker, Thanks for Posting "Gag Buster", Anymore late 50s Terrytoons Coming, and A Few that are Pan And Scan Telecines with Original titles. Still Wating for Gaston is Here, the First gaston short, I Would Be Much Gladly appreciated.


Brubaker said...

I'm getting one of the Scope cartoons professionally transferred to digital. It should be up a week or two later.

Anonymous said...

That's Good Enough for Me, It's Better than Not Seeing them at all, Thanks.