Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ads part 2

Here's the flier I talked about in the last post, distributed for potential TV stations on airing the DePatie-Freleng shorts package. It was given to me by Jerry Beck when we met a while back.

None of the scenes were taken from the actual shorts. They basically took old drawings and photographed them. The cels and backgrounds don't even match! Here are my IDs:

The Dogfather
Cels: Deviled Yeggs (1974; for the cat) and Eagle Beagles (1975; for Dogfather)
Background: unknown

Hoot Kloot
Cels: Pay Your Buffalo Bill (1973)
Background: Phony Express (1974)

The Blue Racer
Cels: Wham and Eggs (1973)
Background: Fastest Tongue in the West (1971)

The Ant and the Aardvark
Cels: Hasty But Tasty (1969)
Background: Scratch a Tiger (1970)

Roland and Raffink
Cels and Background: The Great Continental Overland Cross-Country Race (1971)

Tijuana Toads
Cels: unknown
Background: Fastest Tongue in the West (1971)

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Anonymous said...

Do you know where to find a copy of the theme to "The Dogfather" shorts? I am putting together CDs of cartoon themes for my personal enjoyment and the only version I can find is barely audible (Perusing your blog has added at least a dozen to my collection. Thank you). Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.