Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gaston is Here (1957)

Not much to say except that this was the first of five Gaston Le Crayon cartoons made at Terrytoons under Gene Deitch. Deitch brought changes to the studio when he came over but Gaston is probably the most "traditional" of the new characters. The silly cartoon antics is on par with the Heckle and Jeckle cartoons the studio has been doing for years; oddly enough only Sidney the Elephant (plus two more appearances of Foofle) continued after Deitch's departure.

Gaston had a pretty ugly design in his first few appearances. He was redesigned for the final two (Gaston's Easel Life and Gaston's Mama Lisa), which was more appealing.

Directed by Connie Rasinski with animation by Larry Silverman, Mannie Davis, George Bakes, Jim Tyer, Al Chiarito, Ed Donnelly.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brubaker, In Foofle's Final Appearances, Did You Notice that he was changed into a Bear, I Heard Gene Deitch said that in his book after that unloved bill weiss fired him and took complete control of terrytoons.