Saturday, February 19, 2011

Robert McKimson

Of the three Looney Tunes directors working in the 1950s (the other two being Freleng and Jones), Robert McKimson is pretty much the "forgotten" one in the group.

Recently Michael Barrier put up the interview he did with him back in 1971. McKimson died in 1977 so he never got the recognition he deserved when he was still alive.

You can read it here.

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Anonymous said...

The Fact that he is the forgotten one is kinda sad, dont'cha think?. McKimson was a Beyond Awesome Animator and Was A Really Good Successor to Clampett's directing style, Sometimes even better. I Belive the reason why his post shutdown shorts are so criticized is because i think he absolutely despised working in limited animation, and the format itself as well (which is, to me, very very hard to do, compared to full animation, so i would not be surprised, if say, i was an animator like mckimson was, and forced to work in that format, would feel the same way too.)

Anyway that was a good review, he was also very handsome too, and needs more credit.