Friday, March 11, 2011

Rocko's Modern Life and KaboingTV

I still consider Rocko's Modern Life to be one of the funniest TV cartoons ever made so I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Shout! Factory will release season 1 on DVD this summer.

I've never bought anything from Shout! before but from my understanding they actually care about their products and use the best available materials possible, so hopefully their release will be uncut. Plus Amazon's pre-order price is $14 right now, so why bother going for the $50 MOD DVD that won't play on most computers anyway?

You can preorder here.

And while we're talking about Rocko, it's appropriate enough that creator Joe Murray recently launched his long talked-about website, Kaboing TV. His goal being to produce quality, creator-made cartoons for the age of internet. As a long-time supporter of artist-driven cartoons I support the website and hope that it will bring great cartoons. See the site here. Hopefully it will expand.

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