Friday, April 29, 2011

Don't touch that dial

Paul J. Smith must be so proud.

I'll be back to regularly talking about old-school animation (ya'know, the stuff that really matters) and less about Flash-animated Technicolor Ponies on this blog tomorrow.

But until then, read the AV Club's review of Friendship is Magic.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic isn’t just kids TV that won’t make parents want to kill themselves; it’s legitimately entertaining and lots of fun. The best word to describe it is probably “relentless,” in that it’s relentlessly cute, relentlessly happy, and relentlessly entertaining. In its own way, it reminds me of a movie like Singin’ In The Rain, in that both properties aim to overwhelm any cynicism directed at them via sheer and utter joyfulness. It seems like it should be easy to watch either property with an ironic sneer of detachment, but both utterly wear down all defenses. I think I realized this around the time I was giggling maniacally at a tiny cartoon pony being dragged against her will toward a giant rock, adorable frown affixed firmly to her face. She was such a cute little pony! Yes she was!

If you're wondering why a half-hour toy commercial about girly ponies is so damn popular, that link pretty much explains it.

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