Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Pink Package Plot (1968)

The Pink Package Plot (1968) was Art Davis's first cartoon as a director for DePatie-Freleng. For the next five years he directed over 30 theatrical shorts for the studio, not counting various TV projects they did during this time.

Not everything Art Davis did for the studio were great (he was mostly stuck directing on those weak Roland and Rattfink cartoons) but he did pretty good job on the Panthers. Not as good as Freleng's and Pratt's but generally better than Chiniquy's. And the first Pink Panther cartoon he did came out were among my favorites in the series.

This was also the only time Ed Love (1910-1996) animated on a Pink Panther cartoon. Love was an animator who did work for various studios, including Disney, MGM, Walter Lantz, and Hanna-Barbera. He had a very loose animation style, and I mean loose. His original roughs were notoriously sloppy and his many assistants over the years had a hard time cleaning them up. Despite that he did some of the most organic animation on many of the cartoons he worked on. Don Yowp has a pretty good blog post on Love that you can read.

Cartoonist extraordinaire Mike Kazaleh ID'd some of the animators for me:
  • Ed Love animated the ladder sequence up to the dog throwing the package into the garbage.
  • Warren Batchelder ('Batch') did the Panther kicking the door in, the high wire, and call box scenes. (He adds "If you're watching a mid-fifties to early sixties McKimson cartoon and the animation looks like animation, it's one of Batch's scenes.")
  • Herman Cohen animated the Panther dressed as a woman.
  • Ed DeMattia, who he notes didn't really have a distinctive style, most likely animated the anvil/teeter board sequence.

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Chris Sig said...

Wild - all this time, I thought it was Love who animated the Panther knocking and kicking down the door. Thanks for clearing that up for me =)